[Biosig-etc] [BioeconomyCongress] Call for Posters - 1st Bioeconomy Congress Baden-Württemberg, 29.-30. October 2014, Stuttgart

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Call for Posters - 1st Bioeconomy Congress Baden-Württemberg, 29.-30.
October 2014, Stuttgart

Dear Author,

the 1st Bioeconomy Congress Baden-Wuerttemberg will be held in Stuttgart on
29.-30. October 2014, organized by the Ministry of Science, Research and
Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg, University of Hohenheim and the BIOPRO
Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH. This event will bring together Bioeconomy experts
from Germany, Europe and Overseas. This two-day event will include parallel
scientific and industrial sessions and networking events that allow for a
mixing of academia, industry, entrepreneurs and government.


Scientific sessions will focus on:

*         Food Science in the Bioeconomy

*         Biomass Resources – Competition and Synergies

*         Governance in the Bioeconomy: The Role of Consumers, Risk and

*         Modelling Bioeconomy Systems

*         New Materials and Chemicals

*         Bioenergy – State of the art or new challenge


We are pleased to invite you to submit results of your research work in the
form of poster contributions with published abstracts in the conference
proceedings. Submissions from research, consulting, industry and policy
organizations are encouraged.


Deadline:                     Friday, 3rd October 2014, 08:00 am

Submit via Email:        hildebr at uni-hohenheim.de
<mailto:hildebr at uni-hohenheim.de> 


Posters should focus on topics surrounding the Bioeconomy as a
knowledge-based integrated system using biological resources to provide
products, processes and services in all economic sectors within the frame of
a sustainable economic system. Posters will be presented in a central
location on the exhibition floor in the networking and meeting area. We
appreciate the unique competencies that each poster brings to the congress.
Since the number of places available is limited, there will be a peer-review
and selection process based on submitted abstracts. Please note that
copyright matters are in your own authority.


We are looking forward seeing you in Stuttgart.


Prof. Dr. J. Weiss

University of Hohenheim, Vice President for Research

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