[Iso-info] ISO- Moonlight Canoeing Tour

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Mi Okt 12 13:30:08 CEST 2016

Moonlight Canoeing Tour on the Enz

Date: Saturday, 29th October 2016; the tour will start in Bietigheim at 6pm

Meeting point: bus stop “Universität Hohenheim” at the university at 4.15 pm
What to bring in:
-	weather-dependent and very warm clothes, extra clothes
-	plastic bag for camera, mobile phones and other devices

Cost: 15€ (not including public transport and dinner)

Contact person: Sabrina Breitling, For Participating on the trip  
contact: sabrina.breitling at uni-hohenheim.de
"First Come First Serve"

Important: Please tell us when you sign up for the trip whether you’re  
a swimmer or a non-swimmer, since the non-swimmers need to be provided  
with special life vests!
The tour is guided by a professional tour guide. Your stuff can be  
locked in special, water-proof cases, however it’s recommended to  
bring in plastic bags due to splashing water.

In canoes we will paddle down the river Enz around Bietigheim-Bissingen.
The tour is guided and therefore also suitable for beginners. It’s a  
soft and relaxing tour – no risk of keeling over and getting wet. 

Our tour will start when it’s getting dark and the moon and torch  
fires will guide our way.
During our tour, amongst others, we will pass the famous viaduct and  
the brightly illuminated town Bietigheim.

Our tour will end in Bietigheim-Bissingen with its beautiful  
historical city centre, where you can have dinner in a bar.

A very special event not to be missed!

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